Category: Artists

Our Fine Arts and Fine Crafts Market was recognized as #50 on Sunshine Artist Magazine’s TOP 200 List in September 2015! Take a look at the artists coming to Arts in the Heart of Augusta this year!

Curiosities Artwork

Photographs done in refracted light from prisms, mirror images, with unique lighting, using water as a background. Also photographic prints of abstract artworks made with melted wax.

Karen Maugans Gallery

My still life scenes contain botanicals with common objects which, together, are intended to draw the viewer in to study and contemplate. website1

Kickin Glass Art LLC

I can remember going to church as a little girl and being mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the stained glass windows. How they came to life. I use both the Tiffany copper foil method...

The Cutting Edge

I use metal, glass & fabric to create colorful art that brings out the inner child that dwells in all of us.


It is my mission to bring affordable, repurposed, original art with messages of Joy, Hope, Humor, Community and Love to everyone. website1

Buckhorn Pottery

While working in my studio in rural NC I strive to incorporate other aspects of my life, these include my love of flowers,plants and birds. website1

Sleepy Hollow Farm

The joy of planting the seed and watching your canvas grow in order to weave intricate patterns is very rewarding. website1