Category: Clay

Wiesener Studios

My grandfather, a fashion illustrator in the late 1800’s, loved drawing & painting young ladies. I’ve tried to create the same look in clay.

Buckhorn Pottery

While working in my studio in rural NC I strive to incorporate other aspects of my life, these include my love of flowers,plants and birds. website1

HeartMoss Pottery

The shapes and forms I create are an extension of my dance with dirt, and reflective of the natural world around me. website1

Duffy Pottery

For me, pottery is a thinking process that comes to life in my hands. Horsehair pottery is an artistic adventure in immediacy. I heat the cl

Marissa Hudson Loose Pottery

I enjoy being a functional potter because I love clay, geology, science, and history. Ceramics is a blend of all of the things that I love.

State Line Pottery

After many years, still excited opening up the kiln, hoping to see what I was striving for,yet always braced for disaster.Always learning.

Eric B Strange Pottery

I create functional forms. I want them to be used daily in the kitchen and at the table, while bringing beauty and joy to the user. website1

Mad Monk Art

Impressed designs hand-drawn using wood and created tools. Individually glazed and low-fired. Self taught clay technique refined over 30yrs. website1