Category: Clay

Robin Rodgers

Original, one-of-a-kind, wheel thrown pottery jars, vases, bowls, and sculptures – with incised, carved, and/or sculpted imagery of Southeastern wildlife and flora. Raku/ native American techniques. My pottery combines my love of archaeology, nature, and...

Luis Enrique Gutierrez

I use a local earth clay to throw vessels that I burnish on slip and then mineral clay and oxide pigments in geometric forms. I then etch to the slip layer and then fire with...

Elizabeth Borowsky

I use a porcelain, stoneware claybody that fires in an electric kiln to cone 6. Most of my work (vases, bowls, dishes) is thrown on the pottery wheel. I specialize in intricate piercing. I work...

Fun Stuff Pottery

Wheel thrown and hand built pottery. Custom glazes with whimsical handles! BOOTH 709

Buckhorn Pottery

While working in my studio in rural NC I strive to incorporate other aspects of my life, these include my love of flowers,plants and birds. Wheel and hand building are used in my original, decorative...

Marissa Hudson Loose Pottery

I enjoy being a functional potter because I love clay, geology, science, and history. Ceramics is a blend of all of the things that I love.

Duffy Pottery

For me, pottery is a thinking process that comes to life in my hands. Horsehair pottery is an artistic adventure in immediacy. I use stoneware or raku clay to create functional, horsehair, and raku pottery....

Eric B Strange Pottery

I create functional forms. I want them to be used daily in the kitchen and at the table, while bringing beauty and joy to the user. BOOTH 729 website1