Category: Glass

The Cutting Edge

I use metal, glass & fabric to create colorful art that brings out the inner child that dwells in all of us.

Kickin Glass Art LLC

I can remember going to church as a little girl and being mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the stained glass windows. How they came to life. I use both the Tiffany copper foil method...

Inspired Glass Creations

The strength of the material allows almost limitless expressions of form and geometry that complement the optic qualities of glass. website1


Though trained in many mediums,when stained glass found me,it became the one that satisfied my love of color & it’s constructive nature

Earth Spirit Art and Glass

In my glass designs you will see the flowing lines of waves and waterfalls. By using curved shapes the feeling of motion is achieved. website1

Fine Line Glass

My works of art are created by sand blasting, & Etching. The color is attained by air brushing. My Body Of Work Includes: WILD LIFE, MARINE, COASTAL & NATURE SCENES, AND FUNKY ABSTRACTS.

Lisa’s Glass Studio

I create large wall-mounted sculptural glass art utilizing bold colors and textures that excite and energize the viewer. website1

Groovy Green Glass

Artfully reusing glass bottles is our passion. It’s environmentally friendly and quite beautiful. Each bottle has unique qualities. website1

Amy and Mark Thompson

Although our inlaid art and sculpture is experimental and completely self-taught it is carefully considered and thoughtfully executed. website1