Category: Mixed Media

PENNY Dobson Mixed Media

I use seed beads, oil pastels, handmade papers, oil paint, acrylics on canvas & wood in bright colors. The work is then framed using salvaged wood. Sometimes I use antique mirror frames. My work is...

Fred Fisher

Gyotaku Fish Rubbings:Acrylics are painted directly on a fish.A handmade paper is pressed onto it to create a lifelike mirror image.Dried aquatic plants can be added to simulate a natural environment. Each fish is covered...

Dance of Circles

My Mandalas have their own meaning and energy. They symbolized both Unity and Harmony. They are created with spontaneous inspiration. BOOTH 855 web

Local Coastal Studio

Impression methods are used to portray the swimming mechanics and physical features of marine life to inspire conservation practices. website1

Gourmet Art Studio

Original mixed media paintings on diverse surfaces using additive and subtractive painting methods to create dynamic images rich in texture. BOOTH 922 & 924 website1


Iam know for my layered, abstract backgrounds. The overlapping patterns and colors add depth and movement to my mixed media paintings. website1

Shibumi Silks

We try to provide an interactive art experience as they participate in the creation of their own original. website1

MC Woodturnings

I have been turning products from wood (both domestic and exotic), Acrylic and Solid Surface Material, such as Corian for five years. website1