Category: Painting

Gerry Grimes Art

I paint that which I love – the scenes and subjects of the south including ‘moments in time’ that show objects that are fading away. website1


The faerie tale feet series illuminates favorite books, fairy tales, and plays to let the viewer step into someone else’s adventure. website1

Randy Hodges Watercolors

I paint from photographs taken in domestic & international travels. Paintings emphasize a dramatic play of light & shadows and great detail. website1

Bing Art

My work seeks to merge modern minimalism with vibrantly textured dreamscapes. I aim to express nature’s beauty with exaggerated intensity. website1

Sidney’s Creations

Whether realism or abstraction, I want my paintings to emanate that rhythm. My compositions to explode with brilliant color and form. website1


I am a post-Impressionist painter, enjoying bright colors that evoke emotion and settings that tell a story.

billy s

I love to create from a hope to make colorful images that stick in your mind, to bring peace and a smile, to the often, accidental, viewer! website1

Wildlife Art

Acrylic paintings of wildlife with soft focus backgrounds and detailed foregrounds that give the viewer a sense of 3D website1