Category: Sculpture

Greta’s Collectibles

I’m a self taught clay artist, I began my love affair with clay in high school. My remarkable art teacher Becca Barnett taught us all the me website1

Beasties of the Kingdom

I’ve been creating my “Beasties” for over 50 yrs as sculpting & cartooning have been my lifelong passions, merging with my love of animals. website1

Mobiles by Milton

The possibilities are endless using different materials that bring together color, form, balance, & movement. The potential is endless. website1

Graham Metal Art

I began to draw early in life. Today I’ve transferred my drawings to sheet metal. Vibrant colors and whimsical shapes are used to create my art.

Hunt Country Iron

My art is inspired by the quality iron work of the past. It is a joy to me to know that my art will be useful and appreciated for many years. website1