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The EXPERIENCE is striving to make young Ambassadors for Christ and to teach others how to stay on the battlefield for the Lord. Targeting ages 18-35 year old the EXPERIENCE Ministries is committed to bringing all people closer to Christ by accomplish in the body of Christ.

The Lost Boys

Reported to have invented rock & roll in 1599, The Lost Boys are a troupe of high energy performers who bring the world a unique blend of original music, traditional folk tunes, and rock n’ roll parodies with a Renaissance flair. Accept no substitutes: the Lost Boys!

Tutt Middle School “Diamond Line” Step Team

This Dynamic group of students are leaders in the school and provide a positive image for all student to follow. The Step team is comprised of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students who share of love of dance. The team members come from a diverse range of cultural back grounds.

Shofusion Dance Arts Studio

During our show we will have, dancing with groups as well as soloist. There will be a little live music, hula hooping, and the use of many beautiful eye catching props. Towards the end we will have audience participation and a few give aways 🙂

Tamia Lee

My daughter is a 6th grade student at Davidson Fine Arts. She won first place in a talent show at Davidson. She takes dance, piano, drama and chorus. She performs when she can throughout the CSRA. She is 12 years old. You will enjoy her talent.

Inspirational Expressions

Inspirational Expresions inspires the youth in the community to express themselves in the art of dance, spoken word and visual arts. This year’s performance will consist of various styles of Dance to include Liturgical, Hip Hop, Latin and African.

Davidson Fine Arts – Acting 2 Performance Class

Davidson Fine Arts Acting 2 Performance class brings another heart-warming children’s show to this year’s festival, performing a cutting from “According to Coyote”. Coyote, the trickster, is a character full of fun and rich with meaning. He plays tricks on the rocks and dances with the stars!