2015 Artists

Kent Ambler

Booth Number: 742

Description: I hand carve wood planks which are then inked (one plank for each color) and printed onto archival paper. I limit my editions to twenty or thirty and then destroy the blocks.

Category: Printmaking/Drawing

Website: www.kentambler.com


greta’s collectibles

by Greta Anthony

Booth Number: 949 and 951

Booth Name:

Description: Hand sculpted clay figures fired twice, once high fire bisque and then low fire glaze. Embellishments & wash added last

Category: Sculpture

Website: www.gretascollectibles.com


Ernest Anthony

Booth Number: 953

Description: Hand made leather journals, using hand made cotton rag paper and irish wax linen thread. Silk paper used as an inside cover paper

Category: Mixed Media

Website: www.facebook.com/fuzzydogjournals


Jake 2 Jake Custom Knives

by Jake Asuit

Booth Number: 862

Description: Forged pattern welded steel with unique patterns and applying fossils, bones, woods, stones and antlers to handles for these one of a kind beauty’s. A long with stands and sheaths to show your art off

Category: Mixed Media

Website: www.jake2jakecustomknives.com


Natureheart clay creations

by Debra Baraoidan

Booth Number: 718

Description: mosaics created from two clay forms, semi precious and natural stones, glass tile and beads

Category: Mixed Media


Floating Leaf Tables and Hanging Chairs

by Jason Crissy Becker

Booth Number: 910 and 912

Description: We make upscale hanging tables and chairs made of local and exotic hardwoods such as purple heart and white oak.

Category: Furniture


Gregg Billman

by  Gregg Billman

Booth Number: 908

Description: Hand drawn & hand painted using digital tools on a Wacom Cintiq. Printed with archival media & inks.

Category: Digital Art


Luna Portenia Designs

by Liz Bock

Booth Number: 909

Description: Hand woven, hand knitted and crocheted garments… ponchos, ruanas, batwing sweaters, scarves, artsy cowl necks… most of them made with my own hand spun and hand dyed sustainable fibers (organic cot

Category: Fiber

Website: www.LunaPortenia.Etsy.com


Gorgeous Gourds

by Yank and Tanya Brice

Booth Number: 723

Description: gourds carved and dyed with leather dye, some with pine strew coiling

Category: Sculpture


Fay Brooks

Booth Number: 932

Booth Name: Fay Liberty Fiber Arts

Description: Using quality yarns, some hand dyed, I create originally designed lightweight handwoven clothing and accessories primarily for women.

Category: Fiber

Website: http://www.libertyweaving.com


Candice Brown

by Candice Brown

Booth Number: 804

Description: Bold acrylics used to create stunning contrasts of color. Each piece is protected by multiple layers of poly acrylic for high gloss.

Category: Painting

Website: http://www.cmbrownart.com


The Scarlet Poppy

by Jennafer Bryan

Booth Number: 842

Description: The Scarlet Poppy uses high quality metals, semi-precious gemstones, and vintage pieces from around the globe to create unique, modern jewelry.

Category: Jewelry


Deborah Bryant Handwoven

by Deborah Bryant

Booth Number: 726

Description: I create soft, cotton wearable accessories from my own handwoven fabrics. Vibrant blends of colors & interesting textures of yarns are woven into the lightweight fabrics used in each unique piece.

Category: Clothing Accessories

Website: http://www.deborahbryanthandwoven.com


The Studio Warehouse

by Kenneth Butler

Booth Number: 935

Description: All work is hand built low fired  glazed earthenware functional pottery and sculpture.

Category: Clay


Cadman & Cummins Studios

by Terri Cadman and Martha Cummins

Booth Number: 702 and 704

Description: Wood is usually worked with right angles and flat surfaces.However, our work is inspired by nature.By hand-carving shaping and turning we create through removal of wood, sculptures and functional art.

Category: Wood

Website: http://www.c-cstudios.com


Caristo Jewelry Designs

by Linda and Carl Caristo

Booth Number: 711

Booth Name:

Description: Detailed hand pierced designs in silver/gold filled with translucent Plique a Jour enamel. High tech use of resin based enamel utilized for wearable durability. Detailed hand tooling, engraving.

Category: Jewelry

Website: http://www.craftguild.org/lindacaristo


Carter Driftwood Creations

by Steve and Mechele Carter

Booth Number: 713 and 715

Description: All of our creations are made from natural river driftwood that we collect our selfs .Each piece of wood depending on size and shape will determine what creation will be made.

Category: Wood

Website: http://www.carterdriftwoodcreations.com


Those Kooky Chickens folk art

by Karen and Tim Chambers

Booth Number: 818

Description: Our mostly chicken themed folk art is hand created using recycled, reclaimed wood and wire screen and natural materials, wood and gourds. Acrylic paints and clear coat to finish.

Category: Folk Art

Website: http://www.thosekookychickens.com



by Joanne Chan

Booth Number: 929

Description: I sew with recycle fabric into dolls and hats. I do bead work with sterling silver,semi precious stones and vintage beads. I paint with acrylic. I made them all with my heart and soul.

Category: Recycled Art

Website: http://www.babolulu.etsy.com


Tom Kat Originals

by Tommy Chappell

Booth Number: 810

Description: We Design/Create Unique Leather Accessories handmade from Recycled Leather Remnants and Found/Vintage Objects into Wearable/Functional Art.

Category: Clothing Accessories

Website: http://www.TomKatOriginals.weebly.com


SR Cherep Art Studios

by Sergey Cherep

Booth Number: 710

Description: I use oil on canvas in Post Impressionism Style.Color and brushstrokes bring 3 dimensions to my art work.

Category: Painting

Website: http://www.sergeycherep.com


The Whistle Guy

by David Chrzan

Booth Number: 730

Description: Earthenware clay hand formed into a variety of whimsical ocarinas (flutes).  After bisque firing the instruments are decorated with oxides, underglazes, and glaze.  Each instrument plays nine notes.

Category: Clay

Website: http://www.thewhistleguy.com


A Whirl and A Twirl

by Kerry Cleaver

Booth Number: 739

Description: Handcrafted hair accessories created by weaving, sculpting, and wrapping wire with natural materials. Materials include gemstones, freshwater pearls, crystals, and various metals.

Category: Clothing Accessories

Website: http://www.awhirlandatwirl.com


Nora Cooks

by Nora Cooks

Booth Number: 919

Description: I use cloth material, polyester filling, paint, yarns and markers. And I create my handmade dolls from these materials.

Category: Mixed Media


Samm Corona

by Samm Corona

Booth Number: 915

Description: Kiln formed glass using different forms of art glass, from sheet to frit (powdered glass)

Category: Glass (excluding wearables and jewelry)


Spark Metal Studio

by Kathleen Dautel

Booth Number: 944

Description: Modern stainless steel and resin jewelry-  I design and draw each of my pieces before laser cutting. Each piece is then hand finished and hand cast with colored epoxy resin.

Category: Jewelry

Website: http://www.sparkmetalstudio.com


Designs By Lisa

by Lisa Davin

Booth Number: 955

Description: I create one of a kind pieces of wearable art jewelry made with semiprecious stones,pearls,crystals,silver and fiber. I seedbead,bead embroidery,macrame,knot,wire,weave,crochet. Each is unique.

Category: Jewelry

Website: http://www.designsbylisajewelry.com


The Cutting Edge

by Kay Davis

Booth Number: 744

Description: Jewelry created from mixed media paintings and soft fabric sculptures

Category: Jewelry


Treasures By Alicia

by Alicia and Paul Davis

Booth Number: 812

Description: Artistic handmade bags and purses made from cotton canvas.  Complete work done my artist from selecting the fabrics, to cutting patterns and sewing.

Category: Fiber


Daniel Diehl

by Daniel Diehl

Booth Number: 706

Description: I make wooden puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty. All are my own design and made by myself. Most popular is my “World’s Hardest Three Piece Puzzle” which I set out and allow patrons to test.

Category: Wood


Craig Dietrich Underwater Photography

by Craig Dietrich

Booth Number: 743

Description: Original underwater images printed on high quality aluminum;original matted prints on metallic paper

Category: Photography

Website: http://www.dietrichunderwater.com


Lizard Key Designs

by Bill Dirienzo

Booth Number: 806

Description: My photography is tropical themed in colorful distressed island style frames.All frames are handmade by me and constructed from recycled or rustic woods which I paint in colors inspired by the photos.

Category: Photography

Website: http://www.lizardkey.com


Lizard Key Designs

by Tess Dirienzo

Booth Number: 808

Description: Hand-cut stained glass windows & lights, using the traditional copper foil/solder method combined with mosaic tiles and interiors, incorporating natural materials such as shells, wood, beads & copper.

Category: Glass (excluding wearables and jewelry)

Website: http://www.lizardkey.com


Shibumi Silks

by Patricia Disantis and Richard Borden

Booth Number: 960 and 962

Description: We create silk scarves in the booth at the event using an ancient water marbling process.We demonstrate throughout the show and invite patrons to participate. It is a true interactive art experience.

Category: Fiber

Website: http://www.facebook.com/ShibumiSilks


Penny Dobson and Johnnie Dobson

by Penny and Johnnie Dobson

Booth Number: 934

Description: I use oils, acrylics, oil pastels, seed beads, papers, wood, alcohol ink, canvas to create family friendly, happy art. I am influenced by folk art in that my images are brightly colored.

Category: Mixed Media

Website: http://www.pennydobson.com


Christopher Doherty Photography

by Christopher Doherty

Booth Number: 828

Description: Limited edition photos that i personally print on a metallic photo paper and bond the print to the back of plexiglas that I cut and polish. I then attach a finsihed wood floating frame to the back.

Category: Photography

Website: http://www.dohertyphotography.com


Leanna Echeverri and Leanna Echeverri

by Leanna Echeverri

Booth Number: 733

Description: I design and handmake sustainable women’s clothing using organic hemp/cotton fabric which I hand dye with low impact dyes. I also refashion clothing using reclaimed textiles and garments.

Category: Clothing

Website: http://gratefulthreads.etsy.com



by Kay Edenfield

Booth Number: 942

Description: Acrylic painted images and words on salvaged tin roofing and reclaimed wood as canvas.

Category: Folk Art

Website: http://www.misskayart.com



by Jennifer and Jesse Elliott

Booth Number: 957 and 959

Description: We use a mix of media to create fun items for both children and adults – including but not limited to character tutus and dress up items, bow ties, hair bows, teething necklaces, tie skirts  & more.

Category: Clothing Accessories

Website: http://www.shoppe3130.org


Jana Epstein

by Jana Epstein

Booth Number: 956

Description: Black&White Photography using Film custom printed in traditional darkroom then each individually hand painted with unique liquid solution,colored pencils & cotton swabs framed in salvaged materials.

Category: Photography

Website: http://www.janaepstein.com


Beau Soleil Goldsmiths, Inc.

Name: Paul Farmer

Booth Number: 970

Description: One-of-a-kind Fine Art Jewelry, recycled Gold alloyed to 18 Karat and 22 Karat. Museum quality hand crafted by a Master Goldsmith using an ancient gold fusion technique of Granulation.

Category: Jewelry

Website: http://paulfarmergold.com


Artworks by Karen Fincannon

by Karen Fincannon

Booth Number: 938

Description: I handbuild sculptures from earthenware clay. Textures are created using a variety of texture tools. The pieces are bisque fired and finished with a variety of colorful underglazes, then fired again.

Category: Clay

Website: http://www.karenfincannon.com



by Arwen Fine

Booth Number: 705

Description: upcycling of apparel leather into mens and womens bags and accessories and cashmere scarves

Category: Clothing Accessories


Fred Fisher

Booth Number: 822 and 824

Description: Gyotaku Fish Rubbings:Acrylics are painted directly on a fish.A handmade paper is pressed onto it to create a life-like mirror image.Dried aquatic plants can be added to simulate a natural environment

Category: Painting

Website: http://www.aquatic-impressions.com


Handcrafted Cutting Boards

by Tim Fitzgerald

Booth Number: 952

Description: Wooden cutting boards hand-pieced and made in Augusta!

Category: Wood

Website: http://www.hcboards.com


 Holly Foss

Booth Number: 805

Description: Silkscreening. I make a drawing, cut stencils for each color by laying a film over my design. One color at a time I adhere the stencil into a screen and hand print my work. I make a limited editions.

Category: Printmaking/Drawing

Website: http://hollysuefossart.weebly.com


Wade Franklin

Booth Number: 966

Description: I use cone 6 stoneware clay in wheel and slab work. The glaze materials consist mainly of clay and flux which I mix myself. After glazing, the pots are single fired to a temperature of 2160 degrees.

Category: Clay


Garner Art

by Gerald Garner

Booth Number: 707

Description: Acrylic painting on canvas and metal

Category: Painting

Website: http://www.garnerart.net


Graham Metal Art

by Robert and Shelly Giles

Booth Number: 903

Description: Steel creations that are hand cut with plasma, welded, shaped, textured, painted with enamels and clear coated. These colorful designs may be displayed indoors or outdoors.

Category: Sculpture



by Leigh Griffin

Booth Number: 954

Description: Hand crafted jewelry using silver,gold,shibuichi,& shakudo, which I alloy. I use a variety of gemstones and metalsmith techniques, such as fusion,granulation,reticulation,acid etching & patina

Category: Jewelry

Website: http://www.leighgriffinjewelry.com


Alberta Pottery

by Erin and Jason Hall

Booth Number: 850

Description: Each stoneware vessel is wheel-thrown and altered. They are bisque fired, glazed and fired in a high temperature gas reduction kiln to full vitrification, making them both functional and sculptural.

Category: Clay

Website: http://www.albertapottery.com


Kristen Heinlein Original Art

by Kristen Heinlein

Booth Number: 858

Description: I use various types of paint and pastels to build up layer after layer, allowing previous layers to peek through. I enjoy experimenting with various surfaces, including wood, windows, metal, &canvas.

Category: Painting

Website: http://www.kristenheinlein.com


Linda Hilburn

Booth Number: 712

Description: My work consists of sea glass and sea ceramics wire wrapped with stainless steel, sterling silver, and tarnish resistant silver wire.

Category: Jewelry

Website: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ehilburn


Hunt Country Iron

by Scott Hornbaker

Booth Number: 945

Description: Handcrafted Metal Art – Heated, Hammered, Bent, and Welded. Shepherds hooks, Dragonflies, Plant holders, Obelisks, and other Sculpture. Pieces from whimsical to classical.

Category: Sculpture

Website: http://www.huntcountryiron.com


JeaniQue Hand Painted Jewelry

by Jean Houndsome

Booth Number: 722

Description: Acrylic medium. pieces are cut, heated, layered, textured and hand sculpted around my own wrist and neck. There after, 100% hand painted with paint brush using metallic acrylics. light and flexible

Category: Jewelry

Website: http://www.facebook.com/jeaniquejewelry


Sacred Wilderness Batiks

by Ashley and Tobie Houston

Booth Number: 714

Description: Batik is a process of applying hot wax to draw the design after which it goes through a series of dye baths. Lastly, the fabric is submerged in scalding water to remove the wax.

Category: Clothing

Website: Sacredwilderness/etsy


bailey jack studio

by Bailey Jack

Booth Number: 913

Description: Acrylics and glazes on wood. Self taught sometimes repurposed items used as frames as descreened door frames or vintage mirrors Subject matter from St Francis to Frida Kahlo to rural southern areas.

Category: Painting

Website: http://www.baileyjackstudio.blogspot.com



by Curits and Sandra Jenney

Booth Number: 948

Description: Hand Sculptured leaf waterfall fountains.

Each of our leaves are uniquely made from clay, granite dust ,glass fibers & 2 curatives without any resins. Each leaf is  signed, & dated.

Category: Sculpture

Website: http://www.leavesbyjenney.com


Carol Joy Shannon Paintings

by Carol and Shannon Joy

Booth Number: 728

Description: Architectural abstract shadow boxes and 3D hanging objets d’art, incorporating wood, canvas, Masonite, prints of my own paintings, maps and photo transfers.

Category: Mixed Media

Website: http://www.caroljoyshannon.com


Feel Handmade

by erin kaleel

Booth Number: 905

Description: Each handbag is custom made & constructed in my Asheville studio. Offering 5 vibrant, buttery soft eco-certified Italian leather colors that are embellished with my hand-cut, kiln fired bronze designs

Category: Clothing Accessories

Website: http://www.feelhandmade.com


kay’s whimiscal creatures

by Aaron and Ann Kay and Ann

Booth Number: 701 and 703

Description: We use all sorts of tools & found objects to make our garden creatures. They are our own designs, welded together& and hand painted with beautifu vibrant colors.  None are exactly alike.

Category: Recycled Art


Fine Art Studios

by Lorri Kelly

Booth Number: 801

Description: Non-objective acrylic on wood panels, applied bare-handed, manipulated with other implements

Category: Painting

Website: http://www.lorrikelly.com


Grunge Goddess Pottery

by Juliet King

Booth Number: 961 and 963

Description: My work is functional, midrange stoneware pottery.  I tend towards minimalist styles with an emphasis on gentle, organic shapes and fun glaze selection.

Category: Clay


Godwin Kou

Booth Number: 852

Description: Using Chinese brush,ink and watercolor to paint on rice paper or silk.

Category: Painting

Website: http://www.DiscoverAtlantaChineseArt.com


 Jeff Laibson

Booth Number: 941

Description: I create paintings of a musically inspired nature of what jazz might look like in the painted form to me.I use acrylic paints on different surfaces such as canvas, glass, wood plexi and mylar..

Category: Painting

Website: http://JeffLaibson.com


Copper Creations

by Alan and Bonnie Leising

Booth Number: 864

Description: I design and make recycled metal and copper sculptures. All are hand cut and many are hand painted.

Category: Sculpture

Website: http://www.coppercreations.com



Joel Lockridge

Booth Number: 820

Description: I make fine writing instruments and gifts from a variety of upcycled materials, primarily from bourbon barrels. I also have alligator jawbone, snakeskin, acrylic, exotic woods and much more.

Category: Wood

Website: http://www.bourbonpens.com


Greg Mangum

Booth Number: 933

Description: slats of wood are combined to create surface area; acrylic, watercolor, hand dyed paper, photos, metal, fabric, stains, charcoal, and at times working vintage light bulbs are utilized.

Category: Mixed Media

Website: http://www.gregmangum.com


Cynthia McFadden

Booth Number: 802

Description: I “upcycle” old watch parts creating wearable works of art wrapped in sterling and poured with resin

Category: Jewelry

Website: http://justwatchmejewelry.com


Janet McGregor Dunn Pottery & Art

by  Janet McGregor Dunn

Booth Number: 735

Description: Sculpted functional and non-functional clay art. Many incorporate added glass, driftwood handles and other natural items. Each is glaze fired multiple times.

Category: Clay

Website: http://www.janetmcgregordunn.com


S and G Designs

by Sawai and George McLaughlin

Booth Number: 814

Description: Designs are drawn on our garments,fabric is layered on the inside of the piece. We sew around each image detail, then cut away the layer(s) of the piece to expose the colors which reveal the design

Category: Clothing


S.D. Meadows Folk Art Gallery

by Steven Meadows

Booth Number: 927

Description: I create humorous art from found objects.

Category: Recycled Art


Connie Molland

Booth Number: 709

Description: I connect American hardwoods with exotic hardwoods to create something functional yet artistic, typically for use in the kitchen.  There are no stains or dyes, it’s just the natural color of the wood.

Category: Wood

Website: http://www.rosehollowconnections.com


Colleen Morgan Photography

by Colleen Morgan

Booth Number: 840

Description: Digital photography printed on paper and canvas and displayed with a vintage theme.

Category: Photography

Website: http://www.colleenmorganphotography.weebly.com


Lisa’s Glass Studio

by Lisa Mote

Booth Number: 834 and 836

Description: I create large scale, wall mounted, kiln fired glass. Each piece is fired multiple times building layers and textures before being suspended within steel frames which elevate the piece from the wall.

Category: Glass (excluding wearables and jewelry)

Website: http://www.lisamote.com


Trillium Designs

by Rachael Newman

Booth Number: 727

Description: I select distinctive pearls, then design a sterling setting to showcase their lyrical nature & relationship to our environment. Finally I use my silver-smith skills to deftly create an enduring piece.

Category: Jewelry

Website: http://www.TrilliumDesigns.com



by Paul Nikitchenko

Booth Number: 844

Description: ORIGINAL oil\canvas paintings.Modern impressionism,tonalism ,romantic landscapes,lot of texture and colors…

Category: Painting


Sweet & Sour Pottery

by Dan and Heidi Norton

Booth Number: 721

Description: Functional and sculptural Clay.

Raku fired. High Fired.

Category: Clay

Website: http://www.getclay.com


Wildlife Art

by Danny O’Driscoll

Booth Number: 838

Description: Acrylic painting using airbrushed Backgrounds then sketch and paint over that using small detail brushes. This creates a soft focus background and sharp foreground,giving a 3D look. Painted on board.

Category: Painting

Website: http://www.dannyodriscoll.com


Linda Ortagus

Booth Number: 906

Description: Using fine fabrics, batist, linen, organza creating children’s wear.Christening Gowns, portrait gowns, fine wear for children to size 6.They include fine embroidery All work is preformed by me.

Category: Clothing

Website: http://www.SewLinda.com


Inspired Glass Creations

by Michael OToole

Booth Number: 719

Description: Blown glass using traditional Venetian techniques, such as cane, murrini, and optic patterning.

Category: Glass (excluding wearables and jewelry)

Website: http://www.InspiredGlassCreations.com


Almost Ancient Pots

by Melanie Palmrose

Booth Number: 720

Description: I create garden planters based on folk tradition. I build the mold from recycled materials, hand place a concrete mixture, unmold sun cure & often embellish with tiles I make from resin rock and wire.

Category: Folk Art

Website: http://www.AlmostAncientPots.com


Piper Sandal Co.

by Dave Piper

Booth Number: 732

Description: Hand made leather sandals using antique tools and self taught skills for 44 years in a row.  Unisex, ready to wear, two styles in seven colors.

Category: Clothing Accessories

Website: http://www.pipersandals.com


Nephele Inc.

by Inna Poole

Booth Number: 717

Description: I use best quality yarn,ribbons, beads and fabric to handmade clothing and accessories in couching, felting and sewing technique.

Category: Clothing

Website: http://www.nepheleart.com



Jennifer Prouty

Booth Number: 928

Description: In order to create eye-catching, new school art I use a combination of acrylic and oil paint, along with pen, pencil and markers. You can find canvas, paper, and even cardboard as my pictures base.

Category: Painting

Website: http://www.917creations.com


Laura Rasmussen

Booth Number: 958

Description: Collage underlayer, acrylic paint overlay on various substrates (generally wood or canvas). For the most part, I employ a finger-painting technique, reserving brushes for small, detailed work.

Category: Painting


Leila Victoria Rodriguez

Booth Number: 930

Description: Technique based on a detailed analysis of dimensional perspective of the figures; thorough custom framing analysis; protected final art piece with museum glass to shield interior colors & avoid glare.

Category: Mixed Media

Website: http://www.LeilaVictoriaRodriguez.com


Unique Glassworks of Alabama

by Bryan Ross

Booth Number: 708

Description: I use recycled window and picture frames to create stained glass panels, using a glass on glass process.  This process allows me to incorporate all sorts    of other glass pieces to these panels.

Category: Glass (excluding wearables and jewelry)


Spoke-n For

by Sergio Ruano

Booth Number: 901

Description: I hand craft jewelry from stainless steel bicycle spokes.

Using a variety of tools i for the jewelry to customer desired creations.

Category: Jewelry


Tammy Rudd

Booth Number: 926

Description: On my minor burner torch using traditional lampwork techniques I melt and hand wind glass rods into beads. I then either string,wire wrap or bezel set them into one of a kind pieces of jewelry

Category: Jewelry


Kendra Studios, Inc.

by Kendra Runnels

Booth Number: 968

Description: I texturize the surface of my painting panel. Then I gesso over the surface, and begin painting in acrylics. My subjects vary from landscapes, animals and architecture to people walking in the rain.

Category: Painting

Website: http://www.kendrastudios.com



by Fatou Sall

Booth Number: 725

Description: I use a fine raffia to make my art work ,naturally dye with seed such as avocado for pink or cassava skin root for orange.I cut on a aluminum pattern created by me sew & hand stitch finish for details

Category: Clothing Accessories


ADORN by Samouce

Mary Kay Samouce

Booth Number: 830

Description: Hand crafted contemporary statement jewelry integrating authentic antique/vintage elements deconstructed presented in unexpected compositions celebrating the history and its relevance today esthetic

Category: Jewelry

Website: http://www.adornbysamouce.com


billy s

Booth Number: 716

Description: Using acrylic paint, I love to create whimsical, other-worldly images on found objects to give them new life and to hopefully save them from the landfill.

Category: Painting


By His Design Legacies Tied By Nature

by Georgette Sanders

Booth Number: 738

Description: South Carolina coasta Sweetgrass, marsh bulrush. Long leaf  pineneedles and assortments of wooden beads.

Category: Mixed Media

Website: http://www.carolinesandlin.etsy.com


Caroline Sandlin Jewelry

by Caroline Sandlin

Booth Number: 916

Description: I hand create my jewelry using traditional bench metal smithing with sterling silver and copper. Incorporated materials include my kiln fired pottery beads, natural stones and  vintage items.

Category: Jewelry



by Bill Sargent

Booth Number: 740

Description: Existing light digital capture photography printed in archival pigment inks on Epson 7900 printer

Category: Photography

Website: http://www.photosarge.com



by Marcia and Glenn Schuette

Booth Number: 860

Description: We cut, slice, pierce, poke, fuse, slump, solder, and etch any and all glass whatever always fun!

Category: Glass (excluding wearables and jewelry)


Artwork by Sara Searle

by Sara Searle

Booth Number: 923

Description: I use acrylics and acrylic washes on canvas and wood blocks. I also use watercolor and acrylic wash with ink on paper to make stationary and painted letters.

Category: Painting

Website: http://artworkbysarasearle.etsy.com


John Sim

Booth Number: 736 and 734

Description: Hand carved wood sculptures-53 yrs carving experience-mainly from 1 pc hard wood. For inspiration use personal observations, memory, 3D models, pictures + photos. mainky carve marine + wildlife themes

Category: Wood


Bead All You Can Bead

by Patty Sledge

Booth Number: 947

Description: Bead weaving and bead embroidery jewelry using tiny glass seed beads, semi-precious stones, pearls and crystals. Artwork backed in ultrasuede. Each piece OOAK and crafted to become an heirloom piece.

Category: Jewelry

Website: http://www.beadallyoucanbead.com


Michael Smith Shibori

by Michael Smith

Booth Number: 917

Description: Shibori on studio-made, washable silk and rayon garments.

Category: Fiber

Website: http://www.michaelsilks.com


Jess Ann Smith

Booth Number: 920

Description: For my design’s, I use wire wrapping techniques and silver soldering.  I select gemstones and pearls by hand and use fair-trade recycled glass, Swarovski crystals and lava beads.

Category: Jewelry

Website: http://www.jessannjewelry.com



by Jim and Linda Smith

Booth Number: 936

Description: I work in both domestic and exotic woods to bring out the hidden beauty through shape and form.

Category: Wood

Website: http://www.bark2art.com/


blue frog art

by Deidra and Dave Smith

Booth Number: 943

Description: the pieces I create come from  delicate dumpster diving. we upcycle old wood, and tin roofing. After several coats of acrylic paint or mosaic glass we transform some trash into some funky art.

Category: Recycled Art

Website: http://www.bluefrogart.com


720 Glassworks

James and Andrea Stanford

Booth Number: 724

Description: My wife & I blow/sculpt/design glass using torches, kilns, powders, frits, canes, fuming, & etching.  We take a surrealist’s approach toward narrative description with minimal elements.

Category: Glass (excluding wearables and jewelry)

Website: http://www.720glassworks.com



James and Candace Stein

Booth Number: 803

Description: Our wooden toys are made from raw rough sawn wood. The wood is then planed, rough cut on tblesaw. Then shaped on the band saw, scroll saw, routered, & drilled.

Finish w/sander, highlited & assembled

Category: Wood


Anisa Stewart Designs

by Anisa Stewart

Booth Number: 931

Description: Ocean inspired cast sterling silver, 14KT gold and bronze jewelry set with precious and semi-precious gemstones and found objects. All pieces hand carved in wax and then cast and hand polished and set

Category: Jewelry

Website: http://www.anisajewelry.com


S & S Fire Pits

by Andy Stivers and Bill Speer

Booth Number: 854 and 856

Description: We handcraft sculptural steel fire pits and accessories.  We use a variety of materials including mild steel, found objects, re-purposed and recycled products.  Our Fire Pits are welded together.

Category: Recycled Art

Website: http://www.ssfirepits.com


Nancy Strailey

Booth Number: 846 and 848

Description: Colored pencil drawings on handmade paper of animals seen on annual trips to various AFrican countries.

Category: Printmaking/Drawing

Website: http://NancyStrailey.com



by A.L. Swartz

Booth Number: 741

Description: Neo traditional still lifes and memento mori themed mixed media paintings on raw wooden panels.

Category: Painting

Website: http://www.skullgarden.net


Henry Tinney

Booth Number: 907

Description: Copper oxidized with a torch to achieve color and design. Mixed metals of sterling silver, brass and copper with and without gemstones.

Category: Jewelry


August Nine Designs

by Austin Titus

Booth Number: 921

Description: Techniques include soldering,stone setting,hydraulic press forming,wax carving.I use silver and 14k as well as an array of stones, selected for color, character and sometimes even imperfections.

Category: Jewelry

Website: http://www.augustninedesigns.com


Lacquerware by Linda

by Linda and Chat Tong

Booth Number: 918

Description: Individual hand-crafted wood with 4 coats of black lacquer,apply crushed eggshell, gold leaf inlay and multi-colored of original oil hand-squeezed on top of the objects.

Category: Mixed Media


Copper Creations Repurposed

by Bruce Trewyn

Booth Number: 807

Description: brazing & soldering of new & recycled materials to create one of a kind whimsical pieces of art

Category: Recycled Art

Website: http://www.CopperCreationsRepurposed.com


Twisted Coincidence

by Bradley Tubbs

Booth Number: 902

Description: I blow glass using borosilicate glass and a propane and oxygen mix torch. The glass starts as solid rod or tubing and is melted in flame to be worked. I use clear and colored glass.

Category: Glass (excluding wearables and jewelry)


Bill Turner

Booth Number: 937

Description: oil on canvas painted in thin successive layers

Category: Painting

Website: http://www.billturner.net


Groovy Green Glass

by Deana and Shawn Vail

Booth Number: 914

Description: Cold working reclaimed glass bottles into artwork such as glassware, wind chimes, sun catchers, and mosaics.

Category: Glass (excluding wearables and jewelry)

Website: http://www.groovygreenglass.com


J. Vaz Pottery

by Jennifer and Ron Vaz

Booth Number: 826

Description: I use mid-fire porcelain & earthenware, brushable glazes & underglazes to create whimsical functional and decorative pottery. Decoration is predominantly sgraffito & underglaze illustrations.

Category: Clay

Website: http://www.facebook.com/jvazpottery


Dragon’s Faire

by Vicki Vigneault

Booth Number: 731

Description: Original Stained Glass. Copper foil construction. Bevels and open spaces incorporated into each work. Solder bead framing.

Category: Glass (excluding wearables and jewelry)


Charlestowne Porcelaine

by Karin and Leo Villaroman

Booth Number: 904

Description: Slab built base w/basket texture,thrown upper half and decorated with leaves or shells.Stained and hand glazed.

Category: Clay


Jeffrey Waller

Booth Number: 911

Description: (Intarsia), a picture mosaic in wood. Hand cut individual pieces of wood using high and low reliefs hand sanded and painted using vibrant acrylic colors and assembled on board.

Category: Wood

Website: http://www.jeffreysoriginals.com


Twice Treasured Designs

by Denny Walsh

Booth Number: 964

Description: Uniquely different Silverware bracelets, rings and necklaces made form vintage silverware.  I use spring hinges for easy wear and to maintain pattern integrity–no holes, rings or clumsy clasps.

Category: Jewelry

Website: http://www.etsy.com/shop/twicetreasureddesign


Kickin Glass Art LLC

by Karin Wilkerson

Booth Number: 950

Description: I do custom stained glass using both the lead came and Tiffany copper foil method. I also do some glass fusing with a kiln.

Category: Glass (excluding wearables and jewelry)


Michael Williams

Booth Number: 816

Description: I handcraft leather flip flops. I pour the bottom soles from molds I created. I hand dye the leather from vegie tan leather. Some styles are hand painted and hand tooled.

Category: Clothing Accessories

Website: http://www.ianswildlifewoodsculptures.com


PAW Woodcarvings Ent.

by Ian Williams

Booth Number: 940

Description: local wood is selected for grain & shape. Hand and machine tooled into wildlife sculptures, finely hand finished & mounted on contrasting natural materials

Category: Wood

Website: http://www.blowfishflipflops.com


Jim Zhang

Booth Number: 925

Description: Asian painting and graphics on handmade textured wood panel covered with rice paper or regular paper by mixing acrylics and sumi ink; some work doing on the spot.

Category: Mixed Media