chris hardy Written by Webmaster on August 24, 2018

solo acoustic lite rock
A former member of the 434th Army Band at Fort Gordon, Georgia, Chris Hardy started out as a drummer. During his 6 years in the Army, he taught himself how to play guitar, bass, keyboards and to write and sing songs. To date, he’s released a dozen albums and has written over 500 songs about a massive variety of subjects including, but not limited to: love, death, life, cheese, meat, animals and traffic signs, all with a perspective unlike any other you’ve heard. “I just want my songs to be interesting and catchy”, he says. Take a listen to a few and you might find them just that – interesting and still playing in your head days later!

Chris performs live using his voice and a rather unusual instrument: the acoustic piccolo bass guitar, a 4 stringed bass tuned up an octave, often mistaken for a ukulele.

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September 16, 2018 5:15 pm Community Stage – Sunday