Leah TheActivistArtist Written by admin on September 1, 2019

Retro R&B/Soul Music
Leah TheActivistArtist is both an artist and activist. Drawn from a young age to music and speaking out against injustice, she found a way to nurture both passions. Employing what she calls Corporate Activism, she moves in spaces many others don’t have access to. She utilizes these spaces to create opportunities for others by engaging in inclusive/diverse hiring practices, employee advocacy, and career coaching. Because she feeds her soul by helping others TheActivistArtist is able to create art that resonates with all people. She sings and writes about justice in love; loving the self loving each other; affording forgiveness for both. A common theme found in her music is the power of the mind and positive affirmations. A lover of relationships, TheActivistArtist has found a way to share her hopelessly romantic heart and encourage listeners (her change agents) at the same time. Her debut album Fire2Feelings has been well received locally and in the Northeast. TheActivistArtist has been on stages in Atlanta (Do You Lyric Lounge Featured Artist) Augusta (Arts in the Heart 2018, CSRA Food Truck Festival 2018, opening act for Paisley Gordon),Waynesboro (Kickoff artist for the Burke County YMCA), and now in New Jersey as performer and motivational speaker for the “Fragile Tour” Summer 2019; a tour which has secured three dates and is growing. She’s also featured on projects by NJ rapper YP Trap and local rapper Arman Hudson. Her new album, The Enigma Project, will be released Fall 2019.
September 22, 2019 5:30 pm Sunday Global Stage