Mike Frost Band Written by admin on September 5, 2019

If bass is the backbone of jazz Mike Frost is the heart and soul. As leader of the Mike Frost Band this virtuoso of the vibe is equally at home as the foundation of a song as he is the centerpiece emerging from the background to captivate audiences with solo performances otherwise reserved for instruments of higher pitch. And while he an approach treble with his demonstrations of digital dexterity Frost is clearly all about that bass. A native of Queens New York Frost studied under jazz legends Pat Martino and Jaco Pastorius. More than a band leader and bass player he is a composer studio musician educator recording engineer and designer as well as owner and sound engineer of Spirit Studio in Aiken South Carolina. He is an authentic crossover musician with a deep melodic pocket and soulful creative solo approach transitioning seamlessly from jazz standards to blues to funk to rock-n-roll incorporating a unique and imaginative interpretation to his compositions. The Mike Frost Band has become a jazz staple in the Carolinas and beyond regularly appearing on stage in California and in Frost’s native New York.