Nate The Ghost Writer Written by admin on September 1, 2019

I Nate the Ghost Writer is an American born Rap Artist focused on continuing a career that spans from California to Atlanta and New York. In California I opened up and showcased my talents for the likes of Quintien Miller, Daylyt, and a list of other notable talents. I then was invited to perform in New York for an event called daze summit where I opened up for a member of the group the diplomats. In Atlanta I’ve performed at the Apace cafe and a few other locations early in my career. When I perform I like the fill out the crowd and do songs they will understand. I can perform for a large crowd, medium crowd, or small crowd. At the end of the day I enjoy making music and being a vessel in the artery of music. I have also been featured on internet and independent radio stations with a number of interviews as well. I Nate the ghost writer can be seen performing on my Instagram and Facebook pages all one has to do is type in my real name for both and that is Nathanial Anderson. I live by my own quote which is “time is money and I can’t waste time cause that means I’m wasting money and if I’m broke and wasting time then my account of life is overdrawn; if time is well spent then I’m rich.” Thank you and God bless
September 21, 2019 6:00 pm Multicultural Microphone Talent Showcase