Nokomis Written by Webmaster on August 24, 2018

Conscious Hip Hop Artist, Songwriter, Singer, & Activist
Nokomis is a Hip-Hop Activist & Renaissance Woman. She manages a health freedom group in GA for people who want to be action oriented & is excited for her new awareness project called TRUTH to the youth. She loves that music is a universal language. Behind her club banging music is a serious message in her lyrics focused on health freedom & TRUTH. Her latest song “Enlighten Me” delves into spirituality as well as issues w/ the education & healthcare system. It was written to inspire & motivate other TRUTH warriors as well as to help awaken the masses!! She’s shooting her first music video to this song in June. ( Noko is an Atlanta transplant from the New England area. Even though her passion growing up was fashion her family was always highly engaged in music. Her Mother a singer and Father a drummer & songwriter. She played multiple instruments danced & sang throughout her youth. Her sound can be described as hip hop trap and industrial fusion that’s heavily influenced by Classic Rock. While working on several projects including her album & a new music video she is keeping a strong schedule of performance dates. She loves to frequent LadyVee’s open mics in the A & rocked Little Five Arts Alive w/ her song called “Music’s All I Know”. FTH Atlanta in Dacula is another fun spot you can catch her on the mic!! Please join her TRIBE by supporting her many pages. One <3!!
September 15, 2018 6:30 pm Multicultural Microphone Spotlight Showcase featuring the Label Noir