Polly Panic Written by Webmaster on August 24, 2018

Cello Rock Artist
Polly Panic is chamber rock’s dismissal of “radio” rock. “ A nucleus of cello, drums and vocals drive these tunes. The listener is immediately struck by an assaulting tenderness entangled with dark, odd metered theater. Think PJ Harvey meets Captain Beefheart.”(Robert Church, Radio FM Syndication”). The music alternates between the impact of a train to a syncopated sputter and crunch with a southern edge,offsetting the sweet, inviting vocals. There are anthems of mourning and consolation, long lined melodies instead of chants, an extensively layered cello, and lyrics that open themselves from reflection and sorrow to joy in the attack.
Jenette Mackie is Polly Panic, with Caleb Beissart on drums. Jenette has been touring with Polly Panic off and on for many years and is happy to have Caleb as a new drummer, as he is also a Poet and he brings that to his drumming. Jenette has just released her 3rd studio album, “Losing Form”, and will be touring in the fall to support, as well as looking for records labels and other representation.
It is also important to add that Jenette is second cellist in the esteemed and ground-breaking cello rock band, “Rasputina” and recently went on the national “Thanks for the Ether” tour.
September 15, 2018 5:30 pm Community Stage – Saturday