Savannah Winds Middle Eastern Dance Troupe Written by admin on September 1, 2019

dance – traditional rhythms and movement from the Middle East

Savannah Winds Middle Eastern Dancers of Augusta, GA. has a mission to promote the culture and rhythms of Traditional Middle Eastern Dance and to enjoy living through dance. Tasma, troupe director, and Dinia Sarah, co-director, bring over 60 years of Middle Eastern dance experience to the troupe. Made up of 8 diverse dancers, they bring variety of mixed dance styles and excitement to the stage.

The performance we bring to the stage for Art in the Heart 2019 will include a variety of traditional Middle Eastern rhythms and dance styles from urban gypsy to Arabic pop to Saidi to Turkish Rom. Our colorful costumes and lively rhythms add to the variety of cultures seen at Art’s in the Heart. For over ten years, our performance at this event has always been well received and we look forward being part of another great event.

Savannah Winds offers classes through Warren Road Community Center for beginning through advanced Dancers. Come join us for an exciting style of fitness and fun

September 21, 2019 6:00 pm Saturday Family Stage