Savannah Winds Middle Eastern Dance Troupe Written by Webmaster on August 24, 2018

dance – traditional rhythms and movement from the Middle East
Savannah Winds Middle Eastern Dance Troupe of Augusta, Ga has a mission to promote the culture and rhythms of traditional Middle Eastern Dance and to enjoy living through dance. Tasma, troupe director and Dinia Sarah, co-director, bring over 60 years of Middle Eastern dance experience to the troupe. From Saidi (Egyptian cane dance) to Khaleegy (Persian Gulf) and Turkish Rom to Arabic Pop, we bring lively dance routines in colorful costumes to the stage.

Tasma has offered classes at Warren Road Community Center for the past 16 years. Savannah Winds has performed at Arts in the Heart for almost every year since 2001. We also perform at varies other dance events around the Southeast including dance seminars, haflas and occasionally at other art festivals.

September 15, 2018 12:15 pm Family Stage Saturday