The 824 Experience Written by Webmaster on August 24, 2018

funk, soul, jazz grooves
The 824 Experience is a combination of energies and influences of the numbers 8,2 and 4.

Number 8 BRINGS personal strength, authority, manifesting wealth and abundance, inner wisdom – the spiritual law of cause and effect.
Number 2 ADDS its attributes of faith and trust, balance and duality, intuition and insight, encouragement and support of a divine life mission.
Number 4 RESONATES with responsibility hard work and diligence, service, building solid foundation, dependability and order. Must have particular meaning or importance for the vision and movement of 824.

The 824 Experience brings you effort and hard work through diligence and determination. We strive to please and give you our total best through the love for music. Together we combine our divine life purpose and soul mission for music through The 824 Experience.

September 16, 2018 6:30 pm Jazz Stage – Sunday