TheActivistArtist Written by Webmaster on September 5, 2018

Using music, poetry, visual arts, her raspy voice and heart for justice, TheActivistArtist is rethinking Activism through Love’s lense. She is a Movement. She follows her MAP: Ministry, Activism, and Philanthropy; her art is the output.

TheActivistArtist, Leah Smith, holds a bachelor’s degree in English Creative Writing and has published two collections of poetry, Milledgeville Uncensored and (…Pleroma. She is heavily involved in volunteering in the CSRA and will be releasing her LP in the Fall. A stellar vocalist, her freshman single, “Change My Mind,” is available on all digital platforms. Her next single, “TheMovement,” will be available for purchase 8/1/18. All proceeds from “TheMovement” sales will go towards The Spring Foundation, a nonprofit organization put in place by TheActivistArtist, Leah Smith, to raise awareness about mental health issues in the creative writing community and provide scholarships for those pursuing an education in creative writing.