AdaArt | 2020

  • ARTIST: Ruben and Libby Corzo
  • CATEGORY: Jewelry
  • LOCATION: Wilmington, NC

With thin waxed cord we specialize in micro-macrame & set semi-precious stones in macrame settings; no glue or shortcuts involved. With the right amount of tension each knot holds the stones in place.

Macramé is an old technique of knots. We use a thin Brazilian waxed cord to do micro-macramé. We then expertly set semi-precious stones in macramé settings. No glue or shortcuts involved. Different series of knots make basket-like holds around stones or after filing a groove along the side of a stone, we then begin the macramé from there. Each knot made, holds the stone in place. These time-consuming methods require meticulous knots, not too tight and not too loose. Seeds and macramé combine for the clasps, creating organic, non-allergenic jewelry.