Grunge Goddess Pottery | 2020

  • ARTIST: Juliet King
  • CATEGORY: Clay
  • LOCATION: Evans, GA

Hand-made functional pottery. Materials include mid-range stoneware clay and glaze. — Grunge Goddess Pottery

Juliet King
Artist Statement

As the clay circles between my hands and I begin to bring a mass of clay into the round, I not only center my clay but I center myself. This is how a pot begins and how I let go of everything besides creativity and immerse myself in my work.
Organic is a key word for my artwork. Although organic refers to conditions of living things I find the second definition, developing naturally: occurring or developing gradually and naturally, without being forced or contrived resonates with my craft. From the earth I create functional art that can be enjoyed on a daily basis. I love the idea that a person chooses one of my pots because it speaks to them and from then on I am a dinner guest whenever they choose.

I love to work with all kinds of clay and the type of clay depends on my mood. Dark brown clay reminds me of the earth and imposes a feeling of rustic utilitarianism. Pieces made with brown clay are often thicker and weightier and have specific functions in mind when I create them; I see the chunky bits of carrots and onions in the simmering crock of vegetable stew. The white porcelain clay I use is mercurial and harder to work with but I am drawn to its smooth feel and the challenge it provides. Porcelain is a palette for glaze expression and although equally functional to the brown clay, adds a refined quality to the finished work.

When I throw, my tool of choice is my hands. Many potters use a variety of tools to impart the shape on a pot. I have found that by simply shaping my hands and fingers I am able to achieve the shapes I want without losing the tactile connection to my work.

On all of my finished pieces you will find a stamp or some alteration. During my studies of Asian pottery I had the opportunity to be inspired by the philosophies of one of the Japanese potters I was able to meet. They believe the only perfect thing is God. If a potter throws a perfectly round bowl he or she must alter it in some way to provide deference to God. I feel my art is a gift and a spiritual connection to the world that is far bigger than me. With each stamp or alteration, I am reminded of this and share this reverence with others.


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