Middle Sun Studio | 2020

  • ARTIST: Joan Milbrandt
  • CATEGORY: Glass
  • LOCATION: Okeechobee, FL

One of a kind, FREEFORMED Fused Glass
Tack Fused to have crisp detail and light capturing texture
Some pieces have added elements of brass or copper

Upon completion of my BA degree in VISUAL ARTS at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA I chose Glass as my working medium .
AFTER 20 YEARS OF MAKING ORIGINAL STAINED GLASS ART and DEALING WITH THE (construction) LIMITATIONS OF THE COPPER FOIL TECHNIQUE, I received an EMERGING ARTIST GRANT from the Hillsborough Arts Council which enabled me to purchase a large glass firing kiln
-and my escape-
from what had become
Stained Glass Boredom.

These ONE OF A KIND FUSED GLASS art pieces are me,
-using that same stained glass-
reveling in the Creative Freedom and Possibilities
within the glass fusing process