Tree of Life Potters | 2020

  • ARTIST: Clay Savely
  • CATEGORY: Clay
  • LOCATION: Asheville, NC

Functional/decorative hand-built stoneware ceramics created by a unique and tedious process of impressing Appalachian plants into clay and staining the images with iron-oxide and earth toned glazes.

Tree of Life potters were born out of the Appalachian mountains where the diverse botanical plant realms intersect with the earth realms of clay in hand-built ceramic mugs, platters, bowls, jewelry, and various other forms functional and decorative that serve as a totem of Appalachia, as well as other beautiful ecosystems and forests of planet Earth. Complex designs and mandalas of a vast array of ferns, tree, and flower species are the focal point of this potent and unique art form. The impressions of plants are seemingly fossilized into the clay with iron-oxides and colored with vibrant earth-toned glazes. In this way the healing of nature continues to be integrated into the daily life of patrons in a magical way.



2018 Award Winner