Wildlife Art | 2020

  • ARTIST: Danny O'Driscoll
  • CATEGORY: Painting
  • LOCATION: Batesburg, SC

Acrylic painting on boards using airbrushed backgrounds then sketch and paint detailed subjects also in acrylics using fine brushes.This sharp foreground and muted background causes a 3D look.

The wonderful variety of the world of birds and nature has led me on a life long trek to study and portray birds in a way that conveys the characteristics unique to each species. These subjects in nature vary sometimes slightly in color, patterns and size. Careful observations of details is my driving force. Because these details from species to species are so specific, a feather out of place or a color variation makes all the difference. I want my work to present each bird as accurately and anatomically as possible. Splashes of color from a cardinal on an otherwise gray winters day, or the hovering motion of a hummingbird as it hangs at a summer flower in front of you, are the essence of my paintings. My task is to help you remember similar experiences and share the beauty of God’s creation.