Congratulations Winners – 2017 Fine Arts and Crafts Market! Written by Webmaster on September 17, 2017

 The Arts in the Heart of Augusta Fine Arts and Crafts Market is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 show!  Congratulations to the following artists on their winning work!

1st Place

Lisa Mote, Glass
“I create large wall-mounted sculptural glass art utilizing bold colors and textures that excite and energize the viewer.”

2nd Place

Caleb Barnaby, Jewelry
 Wearable art jewelry with an intricate hand-etching process, comprised of upcycled objects, such as bullet casings and antique clock parts.

3rd Place

Alexander Brown, Wood
 “I take a single block of wood (like marble) and hand carve sculptures. I love the purity and discipline needed to create work this way. “


Robin Rodgers, Clay
Marirosa Hofmann, Mixed Media

Christopher Doherty, Photography