2024 Festival Menus



includes egg roll, chicken wings (2) and your choice of ham fried rice or vegetable lo mein noodles (no substitutions) 



Ham Fried Rice $5

Egg Roll $3

Char Siu Skewer (Marinated BBQ Pork) $5

Vegetable Lo Mein (noodles) $5

Chicken Wings (5) $5

Sesame Chicken $5

Dumpling (3) $5


Soda, Bottled Water, Tea, Lemonade $1

Sno Cones (Saturday and Sunday) $3


All Items Are Served with Pita Bread


Lamb Gyro $10

Lamb Burger $8

Chicken Kebab $8


Side Dishes


Tabular (Bulgur Salad) $5

Babuleh (Eggplant Dip) $5

Hummus (Mashed Chickpeas) $5

Stuffed Grape Leaves $1




Baklava (pistachio & chocolate) $2


Water, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite $1



French Fries $6


Crepes with Nutella & Strawberries $6


Jamon & Cheese Croissant $5


Gyro (Yeero) Sandwich $9

Gyro meat (beef & lamb mixture), lettuce, tomatoes, onion, tzatziki sauce (yogurt & cucumber sauce) on Pita bread


Chicken Souvlaki  $9

Marinated chicken breast kabob with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, tzatziki sauce (yogurt & cucumber sauce) on Pita bread


Vegetarian Gyro $7

All the vegetables and tzatziki sauce


Greek Feta Fries $5

(with Greek spices & feta cheese)


Plain Fries $4


Greek Salad (one size) $5

Add gyro meat OR chicken souvlaki $4


Greek Style Chicken Wings (6) $9     

Marinated with Greek Spices & Grilled (12) $16


Baklava Pastry $3


Extra Feta Cheese/Extra Tzatziki $1


Sodas/Water Sprite, Coke, Diet Coke $1


 (All Items Are Vegetarian; Select Items Are Vegan)


Maharani Platter (Sampler Platter) $8

Indian bread, rice, mixed vegetable curry (lightly spiced vegetables) & chickpeas in curry, & gulab jamun (dessert)


Masala Dosa (Savory Crepes) $6      

Rice crepe filled with spiced potatoes & vegetables; served with lentil soup (sambar) & coconut chutney


Maharajah Platter (Gourmet Meal) $15

Sampler Platter, masala dosa, & samosa


Individual Servings $2

Mix and Match  


Parantha – Friday Only $6

Unleavened Indian bread stuffed with seasoned riced cauliflower served with cucumber raita


Samosa (each) with Chutney $2


Desserts (each) $2

Gulab Jamun, Karanji, Ladoo, and Coconut Barfi (coconut barfi in limited quantity)


Bottled Water / Soft drinks  $1

Mango Milkshake $3

Nimbu Pani (Indian Lemonade) $2


Special Pricing

6 Samosas for $10             

6 desserts for $10


Fish and Chips $9


Bangers and Mash $9


Corned Beef Sandwich $8


Chips $5


Irish Whiskey Cake slice $5


Soda/Bottled Water $1


Meatball Sub $6


Sausage and Peppers $7


Cannoli Nachos $5


Italian Ice $3


All Entrees Served with Rice & Peas, Fried   Plantains, & Cabbage Stir Fry  



Curry Chicken $12


Jerk Chicken $13


Ox-tail $14


Goat $14


Vegetarian (rice & peas, fried plantains, Caribbean salad) $8


Plantain $3


Jamaican Beef Patty $3



Soda/Water (Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke) $1

Jamaican Soda $3

Ting $3


Pork Bulgogi Combo $12


Beef Bulgogi Combo $10


Pork & Beef Combo $12


Fried Mandoo $8


Kimchee $5


Cucumber Kimchee $5


Soda/Water $1


Laotian Eggroll (Vegetable) 2 for $3


Fried Dumplings (Chicken) 6 for $5


Lemongrass Chicken on a Stick (Ping Gai) $4


Beef on a Stick (ping sien) $7


Pork on a Stick (Ping Moo) $5


Wild Black Sticky Rice (Kao Nyeow Dum) $3


Stir Fried Rice Noodles w/ Vegetables (Kua Mi Kee Mao) $7


Basil Chicken (Kua Ped Gai) $7


Stir Fried White Meat Chicken $7

with bell peppers, onion, chili & basal leaves with Papaya Salad (Tum muk hoong)


Combo Plates $12

  • Basil Chicken served with steamed white rice & spring roll
  • Basal Sauce Chicken served with stir-fried noodles & spring roll
  • Sticky Rice with lemongrass chicken skewer, papaya salad & spring roll
  • Stir-fried noodles served with lemongrass chicken skewer, papaya salad & spring roll


Ruam mit (dessert) $5

Iced coconut juice and syrup with grass jelly, pandan jelly, coconut and longan


Boba Tea $5

Choose your flavor: strawberry, peach, taro, mango, lychee

Choose your boba: Tapioca boba, Popping boba, Crystal boba  


Specialty Drinks $5

Choose your flavor: iced thai tea / iced green tea / iced butterfly pea flower tea / limeade / iced peach tea topped with butterfly pea flower tea / iced mango tea with fresh milk and mango chunks

Choose your boba:  Tapioca boba, Poppy boba, Crystal boba


Soda/Bottled Water $1

Latin America

Puerto Rico

Combo Plate #1: $12

Rice/Pigeon beans, choice of chicken or meat  


Combo Plate #2:  $15

Choice of rice: white rice or Pigeon beans

Meat: Pork or Chicken   Fried Plantain or Cassava and beans


Empanadas (Chicken or Beef) $5

Alcapurria $5

Chicharrones (Pork Skin) & Tostones (fried plantain) $15  

Yuca Frita (Cassava) $5



Arepas Colombiana (made of corn and cheese) $8

Beef Empanadas $4  

or 3 for $10



Tacos (Choice of Beef, Chicken or Shredded Pork) $5

Mexican Tamale $5

Chips/Guacamole $12



Pina Colada (creamy fresh pineapple & coconut milk) 16 oz $10

Served in a fresh pineapple $15


Passion Fruit (Maracuya)

16 oz $7

24 oz $10


(traditional Mexican drink of white rice soaked in water & flavored with cinnamon & sweetened with sugar)

16 oz $7

24 oz $10


Soda/Water   $1



Combo Plate $18
Rice with Chicken or Beef, a scoop of hummus with pita bread, 2 Falafel patties and 2 stuffed grape leaves fingers


Hummus dip + 2 Falafel & Pita bread $7
Deep-fried patties made from chickpeas and fava beans, plus fresh herbs and spices with hummus dip and pita bread



Chicken Shawarma Sandwich $10
Marinated chicken breast, slowly roasted on a  vertical pit and thinly sliced fresh of the skewer served with lettuce, pickles and garlic sauce in a pita wrap.


Beef Kafta Sandwich $10
Kafta is a Lebanese Kabob made with ground beef, parsley, onion and a spice blend (7 spices, salt and pepper. Grilled beef kafta skewer fresh of the grill served with lettuce, pickles and hummus in a pita wrap.


Falafel Sandwich $10
Vegetarian sandwich made from tasty crispy falafels, tomatoes, lettuce & topped with tarator sauce (sesame paste (tahineh), lemon juice, water, salt, garlic) in a pita wrap



Stuffed grape leaves $5
Vegetarian and vegan stuffed grape leaves with rice and onions and flavored with lots of lemon juice and olive oil.


Lebanese Fries $4

Lebanese seasonings on crispy French cut fries.


Hummus Dip with Pita Bread $4

Hummus dip made of pureed garbanzo bean, sesame paste (tahineh), garlic, salt, water and lemon juice.



Tabbouleh Salad $5
Parsley based dish filled with fresh vegetables, tomatoes, onions and healthy bulgur and tossed with a tangy lemon, salt and olive oil dressing.



Baklava Walnut Dessert 2 for $4

Walnuts, cinnamon & sugar mixture sandwiched between butter thin Filo dough layers, baked until golden & topped with Attar syrup.



Dasani Water, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite $1


Lumpia Shanghai (Egg Roll) $1.50   

4 for $5


Pancit (Noodles) $6


BBQ (Skewed Filipino Pork BBQ) $7


Combo: 1 BBQ, 2 Lumpia, and 1 cup Pancit $12


Banana Turon (Fritters) $3


Halo-Halo $4

(Filipino Shaved Iced Dessert)


Cup of White Rice $2


Floats (Coke Products) $2


Soda/Bottled Water $1


Sno-Cones $2


Mesai tunu pau (BBQ Island Flavor)


Ona Vac (Chicken Thigh) $4


Vac (Chicken Drum) $3


Suasisi (Hot Dog) $1


Ivi òò (Pork Rib) $4


Fai faulifu (Coconut Cream Banana) $1


Sapasui moa (Chicken Chop Suey) $3


Pagi popo (Coconut Cream Roll) $3


Alaisa (Rice) $1


Vaifala (Pineapple Drink) $3


Aisa lanu (Shave Ice) $5


Vai (Water) $1


Full Plate Sale $15

Chicken thigh, chicken drum, rib, hot dog, chop suey, cream banana, rice, water


South Sudan

Sambusa/Samosa   $5

(Deep fry of pastry filling/ packets of meat & vegetables)


Aham Ajeth (BBQ Chicken Thigh or Drumsticks) $5


Curry Chicken plate $5


Kisrah (thin leavened bread served with chicken stew) $5


Vegetarian Menu:

Vegetarian Samosa $5


Ta’miyah $5

(mix of black-eyed beans with baking soda & deep fried)


South Sudan Tomato Salad $5

(fresh tomato, green onion & parsley tossed with spicy peanut lime dressing)


Kid Menu (Samosa of choice, chicken strips & Zalabiyah) $5



Pineapple tropical cup $10

blended smoothie of tropical fruits served in a pineapple cup


Sudanese Limeade $3

whole blended fresh lime with some sugar added


Sudanese Spicy Sweet Tea (w clove/mint/cardamom) $2

Kerkadeh Drink (made with red & white hibiscus plant) $2

Soda/Water  $1



Laegayma/Zalabiyah $3
Mixture of flour, baking powder, coconuts and vanilla deep fried and served with sprinkled powder sugar)


Fatayer $3

Fried pastry sprinkled with powdered sugar  


Additional Items:   Peanut Butter hot sauce cup $1


Chicken Tukad (on stick) 1 for $3.50  

2 for $6


Chicken Salat (BBQ) 1 for $3.50

2 for $6


Fatayer 1 for $3.50

2 for $6

(Sudanese buns stuffed with veggie or chicken)


Falafel Wrap with Nubian sauce $7

(a wrap of deep-fried patties of spiced mashed chickpeas)


Chicken Combo $12

2 chicken w/rice, served with Green and Red Nubian sauces, Passta and drink


Falafel Combo $12

Falafel wrap served with green salad, Green, and red Nubian sauces, Passta and drink


Passta (Sudanese Baklava) 2 for $4

Sweet dessert pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts & sweetened and held together with syrup or honey. Sudanese baklava known to be softer & more saturated with honey


Roz Bel Laban (rice pudding) $5

Made from rice mixed with milk, coconut, cinnamon, & raisins


Fresh Fruit Smoothie $6

(mango & pineapple, strawberry & banana, mixed with ice)


Roselle (Karkaday) $4

Cold drink made with dried Karkaday calyces soaked in cold water with sugar and ice

Tamarind (Aradaib) $4

Cold drink made of soaking tamarind in water with sugar & ice


Water/Soda   $1


ALL COMBOS – $15.00 – No Substitutions





Chicken / BeefBall Stick Combo
2 sticks, fried rice & pad thai, & 1 spring roll


Massaman Chicken Curry Combo

Fried rice & pad thai, & 1 spring roll


Choice of Meat Stick Order Only:     

2 Stick $8

1 Stick $4



Veggie Spring Roll (4 Pc) $6 


Pad Thai (Noodles) Or Fried Rice $6


Thai Pork Jerky $6


Gyoza (Fried Dumplings) 4 Pcs $5


Salapow (Pork Buns) 2 Pcs $7



Sweet Rice & Mango $10



Thai Tea $6  

Thai Coffee $6

Thai Green Tea $6   

Soda/Water $1



Geera Pork (spicy pork cooked with cumin/spices) $5


Mango Anchar (mango sauteed in masala) $5


Pholorie (fried split pea dough) $5


Doubles (chana & Aloo sandwiched w/ fried split pea dough) $5


Dinner Plates (choice of 1 meat, 1 veg side, & roti or rice)


Curry Chicken Plate $10


Curry Goat Plate $15


Vegetarian Options

Chana & Aloo Takari Plate (curry chickpeas & potatoes) $8


Pumkin Takari Plate (sauteed squash) $8

Cabbage Plate $8


Side Orders:   

Curry Chicken $5

Curry Goat $7   

Roti (bread) $5

Chana & Aloo Takari $5   

Pumpkin Takari $5

Cabbage $5   

Rice (Peas & Rice) $5  



Cassava Pone $5    

Sponge Cake $5     

Black Cake $5



Mauby, Sorrel, Ginger Beer $3

Soda/Water $1


Condiments:  Mango Chutney, Trinidad Pepper Sauce

The Greater Augusta Arts Council HOT DOG STAND

Hot Dog $2.00



Coke $1.00

Diet Coke $1.00

Sprite $1.00

Dasani Water $1.00

Powerade $2.00

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