2022 Festival Artists Said…

2022 Festival Artists Said…

“One of the very best shows in the Southeast with an excellent show staff with consideration for all of the artists, crafters and vendors.  Easy setup and load out,  great entertainment and activities for the whole family and well organized with plenty of promo and well attended.  I had another sales record breaking show at the Arts in the Heart of Augusta, far surpassing last years’ record breaker.”  John Raya, The BeastieMaster
Beasties of the Kingdom

“ Arts in the heart of Augusta 2022 was electric! People we’re very kind, supportive and there to buy. The be-backs actually came back. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.”
David Ogden

“This show is awesome because of the mixture of happy people that come to explore and buy.” Gbaby
Sylvia Phillips
Gbaby Art Inc

Arts in the Heart is my most consistent money making show and other than long hours the easiest to work. Thanks for every little thing y’all do!
Kay Edenfield
Miss Kay Art

By the way your organization was the best and wery proffessional. I came first time. My friend Tekeli Design sugested me to this show. It was not susccesful for me but festival was wery good there fore i am thinking next year again i will apply.
Kenan Sari
kenan art design

Feel free to quote and use my impressions  and thank you and arts in the heart of Augusta for creating such a welcoming show.  I took the time to walk through the around the world food booths and hope to bring family with me next year for the sole purpose of eating.  I was really struck by the thoughtfulness and attention to detail in representing so many ethnicities and cultures.  I don’t know if I’ve told you that my two kids are part indigenous on their fathers side, ethnic Siberian so seeing representation from Samoa, Laos and others was heart warming  As a vendor, the attending locals are just a joy to interact with.  Attendance was bigger than ever and they attendees came ready to shop.  The abundance of volunteers and the cleanliness level maintained of the entire show grounds is noteworthy.  Arts in the heart of Augusta exceeded my sales expectations and was so much fun overall.  Parking, set up and tear down was a breeze and access to free electricity for every booth is such a perk..  I found affordable and reasonably clean housing within five miles of downtown .  My tent mate Laura was another plus and perk. I really enjoyed her and we spotted each other’s booths when needed.  Thanks again Pax, my favorite show coordinator.  Feel free  to use any of my comments,
Tabitha Thomas
Astoria Designs

 The Arts in the Heart of Augusta is a wonderful show filled with friendly people ready to spend!  This is a three day show, and many customers come for all three days!  As an added benefit, Pax (the promoter) is thorough and kind; a pleasure to work with!  For your website if to a general audience:  “What a fun show!  You can tell much thought is put into this show;  there is literally something for everyone!  They offer a family area, a young artists area, professional arts and crafts, cultural foods and live music!  Definitely worth the price of admission!”
Laurie Copeland

I definitely plan to apply again next year. Not only was it my best Arts in the Heart, but definitely my best festival to date! I could have sold even better if I had more of my best-selling pieces on hand. I’ll be more prepared next time! I heard so much positive feedback from the out-of-town vendors that I spoke to. Everyone was so complimentary of the caliber of the organization of the festival as well as the patrons. It certainly made me proud to say that I was a local!
Jennifer Keller
J.Vaz Pottery

I have to say – the communication that you sent out about shutting down our booths at closing time to expedite the customer exit from the venue had an AMAZING effect on the artists ability to leave in a more timely manner.
Laura Nigro
Creatively Stoned

I love this festival.
Sawai McLaughlin

I throughly enjoyed my time at the show this year.  My booth placement was great and I enjoyed meeting so many great people from Augusta. Your team did an amazing job of taking care of us.
Johnny Evans Jr
Gnarly Boughs Studio

I want to thank you, your staff, the volunteers, the police dept and all the sponsors for an excellent run market.  You made sure that the vendors where well taken care of. This is definitely a market vendors should consider to be a part of.
Larry Gentile
Three Oaks Outfitters

I wanted to give you and everyone around you a shoutout for a very well organized  event. I have done shows for over 30 years all over the country and your show is a beautiful venue and well run. I hope to build a customer base at the show and look forward to applying again next year.
Debra Farley

I was blown away with the warm hospitality and organization from start to finish! I was especially taken aback with winning such a prestigious award! I’m still gleaming with happiness over it! I will be back next year!
Ingrid Humphrey
The Original Sister Dolls Collection

it was my best arts in the heart yet 🙌🏼  I always love the show and I will say that you, Pax, are the one of the best suited people in the world for the job of coordinating artists. Your patience and humor is definitely appreciated. I love my hometown show and I always tell people it’s a hidden gem, though it’s not quite as hidden anymore! More and more great artists are finding it and heading here which makes me happy. Thank you!
Kendra Runnels
Kendra Studios

Pax, What a wonderful festival!!!!  I nearly sold out of my product!  I loved the customers and all the vendors around me. The bands were great and smell of the fresh food was so good. I will definitely apply again for next year and I really hope you accept me again. Thank you for the excellent organization and communication for this event. It made my experience so easy and smooth. All in all, I rank this show as one of my top shows this year 😃
Judy May
YIP and More

Thank you again for having me to such a wonderfully run and attended event! I made so many great sales to so many great people and ran out of lots of items so it’s back in the shop I go!
George Tortorelli
Medicine Wind Music

Thank you for allowing me to participate in this year’s Arts in the Heart of Augusta.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Martin Naugher
Apple Mountain Arts

Thank you for another wonder event! And all you do to make sure its always a great event! Crowds and sales were great this year. I can’t wait until the event next year.
Chris Carr
Chris Carr Fine Art Photography

Thank you for having me at your Festival. It was truly a wonderful experience.  It was also my first time to Augusta and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  This was one of my best shows ever, sales were tremendous.  And my old and new  customers and new friends,  a delight!  Everything was a 10!
Paulette Jones

Thank you so much for putting out Arts in the Heart of Augusta! Honestly this is one of the best show I have ever done including the venue, the incredible friendly community, great sales, unique artists and of course the  amazing international food… Absolutely loved it!!!
Carolina Isea

Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of the show. I’d have to say that your communication was the best I’ve ever experienced!  From set up to take down everything was extremely efficient, and made the show a pleasure to do. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to see you next year. Thanks again!
Susan Field
The Devon Ashley Collection

The show is always so well run and I always enjoy the event.
Alexander Brown

This is my first time I am having a booth at Arts in the Heart and am so impressed how the event was coordinated. I had a smooth sailing on all three days and thoroughly enjoyed the whole event. It was so nice to see the turnout of people and how they were enjoying the event. Kudos to Pax Bobrow and the Art Council team!!! – Sindhu Pillai
Sindhu Pillai

This is one of my favorite shows and I did very well. It was very well attended and highly organized. I will definitely be returning.
Daniel Diehl
Palmetto Puzzle Works

This was my best show to date, of the 10I have done.
You are so organized, kind hearted, and approachable. I really appreciate how well things were run.
My neighbors John and Laurie (old timers to this lifestyle) told me how happy they were with the show and how well organized it was. They said, “You are lucky to have this show here and Pax is just wonderful….don’t take her for granted, because some show organizers act like they are doing the artists a favor by having a show and are unbearable to work with”.  You are a great communicator and detail oriented and that really helps us artists.
Liz Seyberth
Bloomerang Fluid Art

This year was my best ever. I look forward to applying this show again next year. Take care and hope to see you next year.
Linda Tong
Lacquerware by Linda

We had our 2nd best show in 20 years!!!!  It about killed us!!! LOL. normally there are 4 of us working the booth, 2-3 selling at all times and one doing customizations.  WE LOVED having the ability have the RV so close. It truly was a blessing.  The organization of load in and out was well organized.  Being able to set up on Thursday was great, and we LOVED our location.  We will be submitting the Sunshine survey, and AITH will be listed as #1.   We have already listed AITH on our 2023 calender!!!
Bryan Davis
Artifactual Adornments

We hope to be accepted next year and have the same spot, the show was great everything about it was good
Steven Cohen
Stevens Creative Wood Art

Wow and Wow!!! Art In The Heart of Augusta was really huge for this 40th anniversary. I had my daughter and her fiance with me this year and they said it was amazing but still did not get to see everything. … I told them AITH has great time management for vendors set up and break downs, also booth sitters.
Maureen Harding
Flo Totes

Your team’s organization,  helpfulness, kind demeanor and overall hospitality goes unmatched.  I attend and showcase in a number of shows throughout the year, and I must say that you guys far exceed your competitors, as well as, the expectation of all participants.  I know a great deal of hard work and long hours goes into your work. I am so grateful for all you do on behalf of the Artists and participants!
Myke Harris-Long
MBellish Jewelry

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