Check Out Ireland in the Global Village

Check Out Ireland in the Global Village

Sláinte Mhaith!

We have lots of amazing food in the Global Village during Arts in the Heart of Augusta and one of our award-winning countries is Ireland! While all their food is popular they are especially known for their famous Whiskey Cake. Make sure to stop by and grab a slice before it’s all gone. (It goes fast!)

Ireland Menu:

Fish and Chips $9

Bangers and Mash $9

Corned Beef Sandwich $8

Chips $5

Irish Whiskey Cake slice $5

Soda/Bottled Water $1


*An error in the festival program doesn’t show Ireland’s booth but they are on the website map and the maps on the festival site. Their booth is located near Broad Street, beside Laos booth. Stop by for a bite – you won’t be sorry. 

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